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Glasgow's Learning Partnership

Glasgow's Learning Partnership (GLP) is a long standing partnership involving all key learning providers the city. It is responsible for the most recent Glasgow Community Learning and Development Strategy (which covers the period 2015-18). This Strategy was developed in line with the national CLD guidance, the National Performance Framework and Glasgow's Single Outcome Agreement (SOA).

The role of Glasgow's Learning Partnership
GLP is led by Glasgow Life and involves senior representatives from: Glasgow City Council (Education Services, Social Work Services, and Democratic Services), the voluntary sector (Volunteer Centre, GCVS, WEA), Glasgow's Colleges, Jobs and Business Glasgow and Glasgow Housing Association.

GLP has a role to support learning in its widest sense in the city, irrespective of where the learning takes place. The focus is on:

  • Articulating a shared vision for community learning and development, (based on the guidance) and specifically informed by the city's priorities and changing structures
  • Building creative learning partnerships in the city that allow people of all ages to access quality learning opportunities, to make learning part of everyday life
  • Developing a supportive learning workforce that focuses on improving the life chances of people of all ages, through learning, personal development and active citizenship.

GLP and its sub-groups currently lead on key learning developments in the city including: supporting the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence beyond the classroom, Adult Literacy and Numeracy (including the implementation of Adult Literacies in Scotland 2020 Strategic Guidance), community based ESOL, Digital Learning and leads on the implementation of Glasgows CLD Plan 2015-18 on behalf of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership.