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Adult Learner's Week events

Wednesday 9th May 2012
10.30-3.30pm - Thistle Hotel, Glasgow
Practitioners' Launch Event
Step into the Journey

Learner Journey's have suddenly taken on new meanings and it seems like the words are on everyone's lips. Isn't that great? This year to mark the 21st Anniversary of Adult Learners' Week we're going to hear from some of our previous award winners about their journey and where life has taken them since winning their award. We're also going to hear from learners' experiences from a range of backgrounds and find out the secrets to successful learning journeys.

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Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May
1pm - 4pm - Glasgow Museum Resource Centre (GMRC)
Go On - Have a Go!

Taster workshops giving you access to the collections and the opportunity to try some Art Techniques. On Saturday the focus will be on working with clay and watercolours. On Sunday the focus is on screen-printing and pastels. There will also be some discussions about the objects in the collection, and there is an opportunity to try out your presentation skills!

Monday 14th May
10.30am - 3.30pm - Thistle Hotel, Glasgow
Learners' Launch Event
The Four Rs in Action

Think Global Act Local - has been used in many guises throughout the 20th and 21st century to date. "Think global, act local" was first attributed to Scots town planner and social activist Patrick Geddes - he advocated working with the environment rather than against it.

"Think Globally, Act Locally" originally began as a grassroots programme rising to become a global concept with high importance. It is not just volunteers who take the environment into consideration. It is corporations, government officials, education system, and local communities. It is now extremely important to consider global markets and communities when doing business. 

The learners seminar on Monday 14th May is a real hands on affair bringing ideas for community projects and activities together with some of the big ideas we'd like to develop throughout the year of solidarity between the generations.

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Tuesday 15th May
12.30-6.30pm - Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.
100 Older Learners' Voices

This year the work of the Scottish adult learners' forum has taken them to new heights. They will be hosting a conference later in the year of international learners, practitioners and policy makers to consider the future of adult learning in a changing demographic. The members recognise that they are participating in an international effort to promote and develop learning to a support a stable and forward thinking society. They know the pitfalls and successes of taking part in learning throughout life.

There is a clear demand from older learners to present their issues and concerns on how creativity is as important in an economic downturn as up-skilling is to the policy and decision makers.

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Wednesday 16th May
Open Doors Day

If you're new to Adult Learners' Week this can be a good day to get trying something with your groups. Open Doors Day does what it says on the tin and opens its doors to people in communities, businesses, colleges and universities to come along a try a new learning experience. Why not hold a few tasters or host an exhibition, or if you want to use the ALW theme then why not host a "Just add Water" Session and use water as your medium for trying out something new. If that doesn't grab you what about a "Food for thought" Session and you can add a bit of growing your own fruit and veg to follow on the theme. Whatever you do just make sure its fun and you'll have people desperate to learn something new.

Thursday 17th May
10am-11.30am  - The Apple Shop, Buchanan Street, Glasgow.
Learning at Work Day

Getting Started with iPad 2

Thinking about an ipad and want to know more before you make the commitment? Come to this workshop to discover and explore iPad 2 - from settings, organising and multitasking, to surfing the web, checking email, watching films, listening to music, reading books and more. See how easy it is to shoot HD video, take playful photos in Photo Booth and make FaceTime calls. And learn about a few of the thousands of apps from the App Store in virtually any category.

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Thursday 17th May
Adult Learners' Week Awards

As part of the annual celebration we co-ordinate the adult learners' week awards to recognise those adults who have achieved recognition through learning against the odds. The learners' stories are a powerful motivating factor in encouraging others to take up new learning opportunities.

This year's ceremony will highlight 20 stories from previous award winners and look to the future for adult learning in Scotland.

Friday 18th May
Silver Surfers' Day

How can you get involved?

Silver Surfers' Day is all about having a relaxed time, in good company, with somebody who may be experienced with computers. The sessions, aimed at over 50s can guide participants through their beginner steps on using the internet or sending emails. 

Taster Events can be held absolutely anywhere where there's an internet-connected computer - even in someone's own sitting room! Over the years, events have been held in pubs, supermarkets, rugby clubs, bingo halls, internet cafes, libraries, museums, village halls - anywhere you can think of, provided someone is willing to host.