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Aye Write! 2017

Aye Write 2017In March, adult learners once again came together from across the Glasgow’s Learning Partnership to share their writing and celebrate their learning as part of the 2017 Aye Write! Book Festival.

Tutors and support staff worked hard with learners to produce poems, short stories and colourful art work on this year’s theme, “Learning For The Future”. Everyone involved enthusiastically embraced this opportunity to look ahead and with learners producing wonderful writing which went on display at the event exhibitions.

Visions of the future included driverless cars, holidays on Mars and an end to conflict. There were personal reflections on what the future might hold for individuals and aspirations to keep on learning.

AW17 2The Aye Write! ESOL event was held in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall this year, a change from previous years, where learners and guests were piped into the Hall and entertained with traditional Scottish fiddle music and some impromptu Country Dancing by Glasgow Life staff! This fantastic venue hosted over 230 with 31 individuals and a group of 12 performing their work.

What the learners thought about the event:

“Excellent, I loved the Scottish music and the dancing and meeting other learners.”
“We would like to get up on stage next time as a group”
“Everyone has a story to tell”

View the Film and Photos from the ESOL event. 

AW17 1The Adult Literacies event took place in the Annan Room in the Mitchell Library with 130 in the audience where the relaxed atmosphere encouraged 40 learners to perform their work.

Learner feedback included:
“It was good, there were a lot of interesting subjects that came up. I was very surprised listening to the story from the recovering drug addict.”
“It was really good. It was really interesting listening to stories. I think I will need to go up next year, it’s given me courage.”

One of the learner event volunteers told us:
“It was busy, there were a lot of good readers. I volunteered and welcomed everyone at the door. It would have been good to have a t-shirt. I liked being thanked at the end. I liked singing at the end. The room was a good size. Everyone mixed well, the atmosphere was good.”

 View the Film and Photos from the ALN event. 

Staff and learners are already starting to come up with suggestion for next year’s theme so … watch this space!