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Join your local adult learners’ forum

Are you an adult learner living in Glasgow?

Would you like to be involved in your local Adult Learners’ Forum?

There are a number of opportunities across Glasgow for adult learners to get involved beyond attending their classes.  These range from occasional city wide events to more local groups in your area.

Learners told us:

  • They wanted to know what was going on in their communities
  • They wanted to ‘give something back’
  • They liked working with others and using new skills.

Getting involved in your local Adult Learners’ Forum is a great way to do these things.

We are currently gathering names of learners who would like to get together to discuss adult learning in the North West, North East and South of Glasgow.  This might be in a small group or via telephone or email depending on what people prefer. We would love to hear from you!

If you are not sure which area of the city you are in, have a look at the CPP area finder – put your postcode in and it will tell you which area that is:

North West

Karen Armstrong, CLD Team Support Worker, GCVS  
0141 354 6509

Sallie Condy, CLD Team Co-ordinator, GCVS 
0141 3546508


Victoria McHard, Glasgow Clyde College                                       
0141 357 6115

North East

Samantha Williams, CLD Worker, Glasgow Kelvin College               
0141 6305000 

City-wide Events

There are opportunities for ESOL and adult literacies learners to be involved in the annual Aye Write! Book Festival. To find out more, please contact: Frances Bradley, Learning Services Coordinator, Glasgow Life,

Twice per year GCVS hosts learners’ events where learners from across the city come together to learn more about what happens in other areas and to share their experiences. To find out more please contact: Sallie Condy, 0141 354 6508 or Karen Armstrong, 0141 354 6509.