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Partick Library (Glasgow Communities)

Glasgow Communities organise community based literacies support in local venues throughout Glasgow. The learning programme is based on what the learners want to learn using everyday materials and resources. Literacies support is tutored in small groups of no more than six people, and trained volunteers are available at some of the venues to support individual learners.

If you would like to attend one of the free literacy and numeracy sessions, please contact the person named below to arrange an initial meeting.
Literacy and numeracy learning is available:
On a one/one basis,
In a group setting
Tuesday 10am-12noon and Friday 12.30-2.30pm. Individual support in a group setting. Tuesday session in computer based for adults with dyslexia.
Specialist facilities and support offered:
Disabled Access
Contact Name:
Colin Irvine
305 Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow, G11 6AB
0141 276 1525