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Rosemount Lifelong Learning Centre

The adult literacy and numeracy project works with people who live or work in North Glasgow to improve their reading, writing, number and IT skills in relation to their personal, family, community and work contexts.

If you would like to attend one of the free literacy and numeracy sessions, please contact the person named below to arrange an initial meeting.

Opening hours are:

Monday                        9am-5pm

Tuesday                       9am-8pm

Wednesday                  9am-8pm

Thursday                      9am-8pm

Friday                            9am-5pm

1:1 sessions and classes.

1:1 times are by appointment

Current Drop in Classes are:

Numeracy                         Tues 6-8pm

Literacy and Tablets        Thurs 10.30-12.30pm

Literacy and Tablets        Thursday 6-8pm

Literacy and numeracy learning is available:
In a group setting,
On a one/one basis
9am-5pm (Monday and Friday), or 9am-8pm (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). One to one and group sessions available both in house and outreach. 16 years +
Specialist facilities and support offered:
Disabled Access,
Contact Name:
Marianne Miller
102 Royston Road, Glasgow, G21 2NU
0141 553 0808
0141 353 2524