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Providers' Network and Tutors' Swap Shop

The Community Learning and Development Providers' Network and Tutors' Swap Shop are held quarterly and are open to all staff working in communities in the field of Community Learning and Development (CLD) in Glasgow.  This includes managers, development workers, group tutors and volunteers.  For example, you may be a volunteer with a large literacies or learning project or be a lone worker, all are welcome.

Providers' Network     

  • Giving updates on local and national CLD matters;
  • Discuss topical issues that impact CLD, eg welfare reform;
  • Have your say;
  • More formal format with minutes taken;
  • Held at the Albany Learning & Conference Centre

Previous Minutes:

Providers Network Minutes 25th February 2016

Tutors' Swap Shop      

  • More practice focused;
  • Mini workshops on particular topics;
  • Share your good ideas;
  • Seek solutions to practical ALN matters;
  • Informal 2hrs on a Friday afternoon;
  • Held at various literacies projects throughout Glasgow.

To find out further details or to arrange to come along, please contact Karen Armstrong on 0141 354 6509.