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Golden Goal

Golden Goal

Golden Goal eventMaking the link between sports activity and literacies learning

Culture and Sport Glasgow, in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and the University of Glasgow, hosted the Golden Goal showcase event on Thursday 18 September at Petershill Park.

A new range of online resources has been developed to help young adults score their ‘Golden Goal' by linking participation in sport with the development of core skills, including reading and writing. Golden Goal projects have been funded across Europe with support from the European Commission. At the event, Helmut Kronika, Project Manager, shared the experiences of the young people involved in these projects which will help to shape the development of this work in Glasgow.

As Glasgow prepares to host the Commonwealth Games in six years, the profile of sports and sports participation will increase. The Golden Goal approach will give young people and adults the opportunity to develop their skills, improve their health and make the most of the opportunities in the city.

Organisations, agencies and Golden Goal participants from Glasgow have been invited to the event. They will be asked to consider how this approach could be used to support adults and young people develop their core skills in various settings, including employment related learning, support for volunteers, accredited learning or as part of youth services programmes.

Information on the project can be accessed on the Golden Goal website:  

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