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Reading the Game

Reading the Game

Background Project Aims:

  1. To develop and support the group's literacy skills
  2. To develop and support the group's football skills
  3. To provide a positive learning experience
  4. To enable progression into other opportunities in the community
  5. To produce a resource pack for youth workers

Format: This twelve week project ran as a 2.5 hour session each week. Each session was divided into two parts. The first part of the session involved literacy activities centred on football (1 hour). The second part, run by a football coach from the S.F.A. involved developing skills on the pitch. Young people could not sign up to the project unless they took part in both halves.

Setting up the project: Through discussions with the library staff in Sighthill it was determined that there is a regular group of young men who sit around in the library on a Wednesday afternoon with very little to do. These young men used to play football in a local league but this had ended. Posters were produced and displayed in the local area with a sign up sheet being left in the library. On visits to the area young men were asked whether they would like to take part in the project and given more information. Throughout the project between 5-15 young men attended each week.

Initial interviews and assessment of the learners did not take place before the project began. This was a deliberate strategy for two main reasons:

1. The staff involved in the project were new to both the area and to the young men. The young men involved in the project do not take part in any other learning opportunities in the area and are very hard to engage. As a result we felt that we would either not get much information from an initial interview or it would put them off the project by making it too formal.

2. We developed the programme with a clear progression of tasks and activities from week to week. The starting point of the tasks was adjusted until we gained an understanding of the groups and individuals levels. From this we were able to develop and progress the skills and the engagement with learning of the group members.

 Reading the Game